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Participation in Recent International
and National Programs:

Cooperative Marine Science Program for the Black Sea (CoMSBlack, IOC).- Field research, international data exchange, database management.

NATO TU-Black Sea Project (NATO). Head of the Database Task Team. - Compiling of the joint regional ecological database, quality control of data, training of the database users. 1993-1997.

Black Sea Environmental Program (BSEP, UNEP). Member of the Working Party on Data Management and GIS. - Creation of digital maps for the Black Sea GIS, design and compilation of the Black Sea Information System.

Global Oceanographic Data Archeology and Rescue Project (GODAR, IOC). - Organization of the data archeology and digitization at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute.

National Program "Creation of the Ukrainian National Oceanographic Data Center." Member of the National Working Group, Responsible Scientist. 1993-1997.

National Program "Computer Atlas of the Black Sea." - Creation of the computer atlas on the Black Sea environment and oceanography.

National program "Black Sea." - Compilation of the multivariable database, quality control of data.

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