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V. Vladimirov, S. Besiktepe
Black Sea interdiscipline database: tool to study regional processes. - TOS and IOC Jointly-sponsored Meeting "Coastal and Marginal Seas", June 1-4, 1998, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.


Black Sea interdisciplinary historical database has been created within the framework of the NATO TU-Black Sea Project for which prominent regional oceanographic institutions provided more than 13,000 data files (150 MB).

Database includes all basic physical, chemical and biological variables (116) for the entire Black Sea (8,364,731 data value, 26,035 stations). It spans the period of recent adverse alterations the Black Sea ecosystem starting from the "background" situation of 1950-60s to present. The most covered period is 1976-1996. Database can be used to study large- and mesoscale processes.

All data were quality checked by qualified regional experts and each data value is accompanied by a quality flag.

Special unique DBMS was developed to work with large sets of interdisciplinary oceanographic data (under Windows-95). It gives to a user a lot of possibilities for quick and comfortable work with the entire database. One can view, process, sort, select, and export all necessary data and metadata using user friendly multi-windows interface (including many graphical possibilities: maps, profiles, histograms, etc.).

Comparison of this database and some well-known recent datasets reveals it as the first successful undertaking to create a regional historical interdisciplinary multipurpose database. This database and DBMS can be used as a basis for new oceanographic and environmental projects in the Black Sea region and as an example for other regions.