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Born : October 7, 1946, Kem, USSR
Family Status : married, two children
Address : 23/2-53, Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii Prospect, Sevastopol, Crimea, 335053, Ukraine
Citizenship : Ukraine
Languages : Russian, English, (French - low level)

1963-1968. Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Odessa, USSR. Electronic Instruments for Science and Industry.
1982. Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol. Ph.D. Title of Thesis : "Study of temporal and spatial variability of the bioluminescence light field in the ocean."
1994. Senior Scientist Diploma, National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

1969-1972. Research engineer at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute. Design and development of marine optical instruments.
1973-1985. Scientist at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Marine Optics Department. Field research in the World Ocean, processing and analysis of oceanographic data.
1985-1987. Research scientist at the Rogbane Scientific Research Center (CERESCOR), Conakry, Guinea, Department of Oceanography. Field research in marine and atmospheric optics, data processing and analysis, data base compiling.
1988-1991. Senior Scientist at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Department of automation of marine measurements. Field research in the Black Sea, data processing and analysis, data base compiling.
1992 - . . . Head of the Database Laboratory, Marine Hydrophysical Institute. Data processing and analysis, data base compiling, design of the data base management systems and data processing software systems.

Main field: Collecting and processing of oceanographic data, Optical oceanography
Other fields: Data base management systems, Quality control of oceanographic data, Earth truth optical measurements for remote sensing of the ocean
Current interests: Creation of the multidiscipline databases, quality control of multidislipline oceanographic data, seasonal and long-term variability of the hydrooptical parameters.
10 cruises in the Black Sea
19 cruises in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans

63 scientific papers. ( See: Publications )
29 technical reports and preprints. ( See: Reports )
47 communications to scientific meetings. ( See: Meetings )
9 electronic products and publications. ( See: Products )

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