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Little statistics of my cruises:
During my cruises I spent at the ocean more than 4 years!
I participated in two circumnavigations!
I visited:
All continents (except Antarctica):
Europa, Asia, Africa, South and North America, Australia and Oceania.
All oceans (except Arctic Ocean):
Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pasific Ocean, and
South Ocean.
Three main channels:
Panama channel, Suez channel, Kiel channel.
More than 50 ports.
Five coral atolls:
Atoll Tarawa, Atoll Fanning I, Atoll Hermit, Atoll Ihavandifulu,
Reef Geyser.

My first circumnavigation
East to West, R/V Akademik Vernadsky (5+5 months, 1971-1972)

Cruises 4-5

Leningrad, Willemstad (Curacao), Sydney, Apia (W.Samoa),
Atoll Tarawa (Gilbert Islands), Rabaul (New Britania),
Hermit Island, Tokyo, Vladivostok, Singapore, Colombo,
Victoria, Las-Palmas, Genoa, Sevastopol

My second circumnavigation
West to East, R/V Akademik Vernadsky (9+5 months, 1974-1976)

Cruises 10-12

Sevastopol, Las-Palmas, Dar-es-Salam, Aden, Male, Colombo, Maldives,
Singapore, Colombo, Male, Dar-es-Salam, Singapore, Maldives, Tokyo,
Vladivostok, Okinawa, Singapore, Atoll Tarawa (Gilbert Islands),
Atoll Fanning I (Line Islands), Callao, Las-Palmas, Sevastopol