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Vladimirov V.L., V.I. Mankovsky, M.V. Solovev, A.V. Mishonov
Seasonal and long-term variability of the Black Sea optical parameters. - In: E. Ozsoy and A. Mikaelyan (Eds.), Sensitivity Of North Sea, Baltic Sea And Black Sea To Anthropogenic And Climatic Changes. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1997, p.33-48.


Seasonal and long-term variability of the Secchi disk visibility depth and spectral optical parameters of the Black sea water are analized using valuable data set from the data base of Marine Hydrophysical Institute. The drastic decrease of the water transparency was observed during 1986-1992. It coincided with the big changes of the spectral distribution of water optical parameters. The main causes of these changes are eutrophication and influence of biological invendor Mnemiopsis leidyi on the sea ecosystem.