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Shemshura V.Ye., Vladimirov V.L.
Evaluating the concentration of particulate matter in the sea by the visibility depth of a white disk and by upward radiation spectra. - Oceanology, 1989, vol.29, 6, p.703-706.


Based on experimental data obtained in various regions of the world ocean a linear relation is found between the logarithm of the concentration of particulate matter in the surface water layer (C) and the visibility depth for a Secchi disk (Sw) with the following ranges: 0.12 < C < 1390.0 mg/l and 0.02 < Sw < 29 m. The corresponding regression equations given are characterized by the correlation coefficient r = -0.97. Equations are also proposed for evaluating C from the spectral composition of the natural light field upward from the sea to the atmosphere.