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Mankovsky V.I., V.L. Vladimirov, M.V. Solov'ev, S. Besiktepe
Optical Properties of the Black Sea: Results of the CoMSBlack & TU Black Sea Programs. In: NATO TU-Black Sea Project "Ecosystem Modeling as a Management Tool for the Black Sea", Symposium on Scientific Results. L.Ivanov & T.Oguz (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998, Volume 2, pp.145-162 (in press).


The results of the earlier optical studies together with the recent measurements carried out within the framework of the CoMSBlack and TU-Black Programs between 1991-1995 are given. The observations reported here are the first basin wide measurements of the optical variables in the Black Sea. Basin wide optical data set collected during July 1992 was analyzed which correspond to lowest water transparency observation among the all measurements done in the basin. Optical properties water model was applied to understand this extreme case. The long-term variability of the Black Sea water transparency found in connection with 11-year cycle of solar activity. The turbid boundary layer at the oxic/anoxic zone of the Black Sea and its connection with hydrophysical and hydrochemical factors were investigated.