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Vladimirov V.L., Miroshnichenko V.V., Mishonov A.V.
Multidiscipline database of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. In: Multidiscipline research of the Black Sea. Published by MHI NASU, Sevastopol, 1995, pp.198-205 (in Russian).


A multivariable database "Black Sea and Sea of Azov" compiled in the Marine Hydrophysical Institute is described. The database is compiled as a system of the connected bases, which include not only the data of different measurements, but also, the references on research vessels, instruments, processing software, etc. The industry standard relational DBMS FoxPro was chosen as a basic system for this database. It has been taken into consideration that any standard DBMS is not suitable enough for the effective processing of oceanographic data. That is why, a special software complex was added to this DBMS, which was written in Turbo Pascal. The proper data are processed by the software complex and all additional information (coordinates, time, depth, instrument, etc.) is processed by the DBMS. The software complex and the DBMS work jointly passing information each to other. Database can include practically unlimited number of variables from different disciplines. Archives of temperature, salinity, color index, vertical profiles of the attenuation coefficient, Secchi disk depth, chlorophyll "a", and pheophitin data have been already loaded into the database. Other types of data are in preparation for loading now. The methods of the data loading and quality control are described.
It is possible to use the database to solve a wide range of different problems: oceanographic, biological and ecological, which are connected with this marine region and its coastal zone.