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Vladimirov V.L., Miroshnichenko V.V.
Multipurpose database management systems for the marine environmental research. - In: Nilgun B. Harmancioglu, M. Necdet Alpaslan, Sevinc D. Ozgul and Vijay P. Singh (Eds.), Integrated Approach to Environmental Data Management Systems. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1997, pp. 355-364.


Two special marine database management systems are described developed by the Database Laboratory of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute. First system (CruBase) was developed to provide the effective management of the data of oceanographic cruises (multiship surveys). The data of up to 320 measured variables for 3000-4000 oceanographic stations can be stored in each database. The main advantage of the system is the possibility to make the crossdiscipline crossvariable queries. It contains special subsystem that provides the possibility of the effective quality control of the data loaded into the system. The second system (OceanBase) has no the same limitations for the number of stations and variables. It consists of the modified CruBase system and commercial DBMS FoxPro. Both systems have been widely used during recent years in many projects related to the Black Sea environment.