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Vladimirov V., S. Besiktepe, D. Aubrey.
Database and Database Management System of the TU Black Sea Project.
In: NATO TU-Black Sea Project "Ecosystem Modeling as a Management Tool for the Black Sea", Symposium on Scientific Results. L.Ivanov & T.Oguz (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998, Volume 1, pp.1-10 (in press).


Unique regional historical interdisciplinary multipurpose database was created in the framework of the NATO TU-Black Sea Project. Database includes all main physical, chemical and biological (including plankton) variables for the entire Black Sea basin. The database spans the most crucial period in the history of the Black Sea ecosystem starting from the "background" situation in 1960-th and over the drastic changes that occurred in recent years. The database is supplied with a powerful specially designed database management system.